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So you didn’t match this year?

Being apart of graduate medical education is one of the more fulfilling roles I serve as a physician.

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Why it’s always important to ask even if you think you know.

I can tell you one of the biggest perks of being an attending physician …

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academic physician, medium

Want to know how my first year as an academic physician went?

So from time to time I get the urge to write about a topic …

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perfect physician, drpierresblog

The myth of the perfect physician

I am honestly not sure where the myth began, probably before I even knew …

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Residency selections are in and now the wait

Unless you are just joining the Lunch and Learn Community or maybe you have …

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podcaster, drpierresblog

Five things I learned when I became a podcaster

So it has been officially 2 weeks since launching the podcast and I must say …

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goodbye to the pcp

When I had to say goodbye to the PCP

March 27,2017 8:00am … It was another early morning drive on the way to …

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A goodbye letter to Mr. Problem Patient

Dear Mr. Problem Patient,  As a patient in my practice I have listened to …

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Prayer, Your Mental Health and the elephant in the room

When you break a bone do you not have surgery to get it fixed? …

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medical mogul

The life or death decision to become a Medical Mogul

Download now 5 Signs You Are Ready To Break Free See the five signs that …

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