heart disease

15 reasons why you should start caring about Heart Disease now

How many of you remember the show “1000 ways to …

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See why doctors are not as smart as you think

Today as I was scrolling across my timeline I came across …

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drpierresblog,dr dan

Talking with Dr. Dan about what every patient needs to know

Hey guys I have exciting news I have now registered …

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[Media Alert] What common lies do you think men tell their doctors?

The month of January has been a busy one for …

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My Essence feature on the importance of women on men's health

Essence Feature So I was actually expecting this article to …

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autism, autism speaks,drpierresblog, child has autism

Why I won't stop vaccinating my child with Autism

Download now 8 Signs Your Child May Have Autism Download …

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Why my Public Health sides hates the Medical side..

Pictured above is probably my best visual interpretation of why …

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Why CoSchedule is my new best friend

Last week during Affirmation 2016 I got a lot of …

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In a world from writing prescriptions to books

As Affirmation 2016 comes to a close what better way …

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