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The important truth about waiting when your child has autism

Download now 8 Signs Your Child May Have Autism Download …

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colon cancer

Why colon cancer is a major killer in African Americans

As the month of Colon Cancer Awareness month continues I knew …

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20 facts about the kidney because when they go you go

If you had to rank the most important organ in …

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colon cancer, rectal cancer, mayo clinic

Why colon and rectal cancer are rising in young people

What a way start to Colon Cancer Awareness Month?!? As …

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heart disease

Almost everything you need to know about heart disease

With the month of February almost coming a close I …

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10 common stroke symptoms and how to save your loved ones

I have seen time & time again that in health care …

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heart disease

How to stop a heart attack in 10 ways

“Could I have stopped this heart attack before it began” …

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Votes,Podcast,The Doctor's Chair,

The Doctor's Chair votes are in and the winner is..

First of all I just want to thank everyone on …

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smoking joe

Why on earth are cigarettes still a thing in 2017?

Things that typically happen at the beginning of the year: …

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