Three types of headaches that you should know about

Does this picture of someone with a headache look familiar? …

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Firing your doctor

Why firing your doctor today may save your life tomorrow

Its a decision that employers have to make and its …

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Osteoarthritis, the disease that lets you know getting old sucks

Download my presentation on Osteoarthritis There are very few diseases …

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Thyroid Gland

Just What Do you Know About Your Thyroid Gland?

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Prayer, Your Mental Health and the elephant in the room

When you break a bone do you not have surgery …

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10 subtle signs your family member is depressed and crying for help

Download now 10 signs your family member is depressed Dr. …

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medical mogul

The life or death decision to become a Medical Mogul

Download now 5 Signs You Are Ready To Break Free See …

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Momentum In Medicine

The Momentum in Medicine Conference Recap

These were just a few of the quotes I heard …

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Just 45 examples of minorities suffering from health disparities

Heath disparities are particular health differences that are closely linked …

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