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So you didn't match this year?

Being apart of graduate medical education is one of the more fulfilling roles I serve as a physician.

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how to choose the right doctor, choosing the right primary care doctor, primary care doctor,17 tips

17 tips on how to choose the right doctor

In today’s day and age we are asked to make a lot of decisions on our behalf of our own healthcare..

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Should Adults Get A Measles Booster Shot? [Find out why]

With measles outbreaks hitting record numbers here in the United States I discuss the need for a measles ..

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Flu Shot, drberrypierre.com

What happens when your ‘healthy' friend doesn't get the flu shot.

Before we get into this week's blog post I want …

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Why it's always important to ask even if you think you know.

I can tell you one of the biggest perks of …

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patient advocate

7 reasons why you need a patient advocate

Patient advocate – a individual/organization who helps guide a patient …

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academic physician, medium

Want to know how my first year as an academic physician went?

So from time to time I get the urge to …

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perfect physician, drpierresblog

The myth of the perfect physician

I am honestly not sure where the myth began, probably …

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Residency selections are in and now the wait

Unless you are just joining the Lunch and Learn Community …

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